Experimental pedagogy is an important part of my art practice. I am passionate about co-creating spaces that empower people to have their own experience. For the last number of years, I have been developing and teaching workshops by using the drum as an anchor point for a myriad of explorations. Through activities involving rhythm, deep listening, mirroring, authentic movement, graphic scoring, memory, mapping and improvisation, my workshops intend to place participants in relation to their surroundings, and inspire deep communication and expression.

I have worked with the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity, Mikw Chiyâm and the Cree School Board, the RHYTHM program for youth with disabilities, at public schools such as the We'koqma'q Mi'kmaq School in Cape Breton and Charles P. Allen in Bedford, and with arts organizations such as the Centre for Art Tapes, Rebel Girls Rock Camp and the Music Liberatory. I have also been applying these skills in sound creation for community-engaged film projects with the Quiver Arts Collective in the First Nation communities of: Millbrook and We'koqma'q in Nova Scotia, Pasqua and Standing Buffalo in Saskatchewan and Metepenagiag in New Brunswick. 

Photos by Nigel Quinn, Katherine Knight and Lindsay Dobbin.