To listen. Listen to receive. Receive to listen. To pass like wind through the landscape.

As I headed North to Grande Entrée, I felt a call to go on a solo hike through the woods, dunes and beach of L'Echouerie Beach at the East Point. In the last century, the beach was an important refuge to a colony of walruses. However, on this day, I didn't see sign of any living beings other than birds for miles along the shore. The wind was almost non-existent, the sun was out and I felt in a dream-space. 

After having spent the prior few days recording, I decided to not take any gear with me. I wanted to listen, but not just with my ears. I wanted to listen with my whole body. As I walked, I imagined there were ears on the soles of my feet, and with every step, I let the ground/sound receive me. I was so quiet and resonant with the environment, that the songbirds were coming close.

I wondered,

Is it possible to inhabit silence?

I heard, 

The way in is the wind.

As I met the waters edge, I saw a gull feather resting on the beach. I kneeled down to look closer, and it began dancing. A kind of ecstatic compass dance, turning over on either side and changing directions repeatedly.

I wondered,

Which path?

I then walked again, and began to hear the sand singing beneath my feet. Naturally, I began walking in a small circle, and allowed it to get larger and larger — a continuous echo of the original gesture.

The sand found on beaches comes largely from headlands of red sandstone. This sedimentary rock is comprised of 99% quartz covered by a thin layer of iron oxide, which gives it its colour. The sandstone is dragged into the sea by water and wind erosion and three quarters of the iron oxide is washed away before the quartz is deposited in strips aligned according to winds and currents. It is white when dry.
— From The Sand Dunes of the Magdalen Islands

After the echo-circle walk, I found my way inside a small dune, and took a nap. Upon awakening, I was covered in sand, including the entire right side of my face. That night I dreamed of the creation time of the Islands. The time prior to human inhabitants. I looked closely at the geology, and saw the beaches as wings underwater. 

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