Responsive land-based actions (2016 - Present)

Listening As Wayfinding is an ecocentric process of discovery where listening and responsive action inform the journey.  By considering the natural world as witness and teacher, the project aims to develop place-responsive methods for art creation that embrace nature's language and cultivate the art of listening.

Listening is awareness, thoughtful attention. In this way, listening may be the simplest yet most essential of creative acts. A place to begin from, before responsive action.

Listening As Wayfinding was initiated on the Magdalen Islands for the Songlines Residency in the summer of 2016. Through being receptive to the unseen and invisible voices of the landscape, my responsive gestures activated paths – creating multiple resonance points throughout the environment. Performative engagements take the form of sound, video, sculpture, movement, social-practices, performance, writing and landscape drawing, with the body and drum becoming instruments of the land. Entries about the journey on the Islands are below.