I've moved to a new place on the Bay of Fundy, and I plan to spend the summer engaging in creative renewal, fishing, swimming and learning from the land and community I'm a part of. I'll also be continuing to work on my Intertidal Cymbal Works project, thanks to Arts Nova Scotia. 

There are also some things coming up:


Soundscape July 21 – 23, 2017

I've been involved with the Red Clay and White Rabbit community for some time now, and I'm thrilled to be returning there this summer to offer a workshop on my favourite things: sound and landscape. 


The Beacon Project: Cross Cultural Conversations along The Great Trail (Trans Canada Trail)

I'm part of the Quiver Arts Collective with media artist Ann Verrall and documentary filmmaker Dianne Whalen. We recently received funding from Canada Council for the Arts' New Chapter Program. This series of multi-media creations – Beacons – are centered in Indigenous communities with artists, Elders & Grandmothers, Dianne meets along her journey through the 23,000 km Great Trail (500 Days in the Wild). Instead of passing through, the Beacons provide an opportunity to stay still, go in-depth. Our mandate as a collective is to develop thought provoking media arts based projects that build bridges between diverse cultures. The work focuses on fostering connections, dialogue and understanding between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous artists and communities. We're presently working on a project in Metepenagiag First Nation, New Brunswick with Water Grandmother Cecelia Brooks. We'll also be going to Qu’Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan this Fall. Beacon website coming soon. 


Flotilla – The 2017 biennial gathering of ARCs, Charlottetown, PEI September 21 – 24, 2017

Leading up to this event, I will be collaborating with an amazing group of artists, all of whom have some connection to White Rabbit Arts. Architect Josh Collins will be spearheading the creation of a floating island in the harbour of Charlottetown, which be an anchor point for a myriad of creative journeys, with curator Zachary Gough at the helm.