Body Sail  (2015) Photo by Rob Cameron

Body Sail (2015) Photo by Rob Cameron

I had a dream. A dream that I was larger than the ocean, and the ocean was a drum. A resonant body. Absorbing my impact to its depths. Receiving my story. Amplifying my gesture. Listening to the land. Giving life. 

It's been a full(filling) summer. First, Yukon. Then, Bay of Fundy for the White Rabbit Arts Residency. As a Ballast Artist, I spent three weeks researching and developing my Water Drumming project as well as exploring new things in the realm of body, drum, landscape. I worked independently quite a bit but also collaborated with Helmut Lemke and Stephen Thomas on a tidal solar-powered radio/sound performance called Air/String Sun/Water (photo below). 

It was a privilege to return to White Rabbit for an extended period of time after having such a transformative time there last year, both personally and creatively. I wrote this last year after White Rabbit, and it still rings true:

White Rabbit was one of the most incredible weeks of my life. I felt so supported and inspired by the land and our village and became deeply aware of the things I hold dear and long for in this life: community, nature, food, love, tenderness, play, animals, humour, the elements, ritual, care... Days have past since returning to Halifax, and the experience continues to echo inside of me, calling forth a more authentic vision for my life. It's difficult to articulate the profoundness of my time at Red Clay in words. But I will someday, I'm sure. Until then, look into my eyes, and you will see it -- an infinite amount of echoes that belong to the mystery, the ocean, the land, the people... Fellow rabbits, I'm humbled and in awe of the depth of vulnerability, wonder, laughter and space we shared together last week. I miss you all. Thank you for the experience.

Upon returning to Halifax, I found out that I received financial support from Arts Nova Scotia and the Canada Council for the Arts which will allow me to focus on my practice over the next year! I'm so excited to continue working with the ideas I began exploring at White Rabbit. 

  Air/String Sun/Water  - collaboration with Helmut Lemke and Stephen Thomas (2015) Photo by Lauren Fournier

Air/String Sun/Water - collaboration with Helmut Lemke and Stephen Thomas (2015) Photo by Lauren Fournier