I just got back to Nova Scotia from the Yukon where my creative life was full. Here's what I was up to there.

Whitehorse Nuit Blanche Somewhere Over the Radio is an ongoing project that explores the connection between terrestrial radio, community and place. For Whitehorse Nuit Blanche, I investigated Whitehorse's relationship to the Yukon River through a series of performances and interactions leading up to WNB, which culminated in a radio broadcast during the festival. In the days prior to WNB, I walked the length of the Whitehorse portion of the Yukon River many times, collecting field recordings and, through chance encounters, stories from the public about their relationship to the river. I then shared these recordings during a twelve hour live broadcast on Whitehorse's community radio station, CJUC 92.5 FM, which is situated on the Yukon River in Shipyard's Park. Festival goers also dropped into the station during the broadcast (7 p.m. and 7 a.m.) to share stories, songs and sounds about their relationship to the river live on air. 

I witnessed many intimate and engaging stories, songs and sounds that illustrated how the Yukon River carries all that's happened, all that's happening and all that will happen. In every moment and molecule, I've heard how the river is a place of nourishment, refuge, abundance, power, potential, quiet, play, inspiration, history, contemplation, fear, memory, story, the unexpected, soul, life and death. 

Thank you to Aimée Dawn Robinson, Monique Romeiko and Genevieve Gagnon at Whitehorse Nuit Blanche for all of your support. Thank you to my fellow WNB artists for your inspiring dedication to your own projects (Janelle Hardy, Hemant Puri, Mitali Nath, Suzanne Miller, Annie Avery, Grant Simpson, Nicole Bauberger, Jessica Vellenga, Douglas Drake, Jordy Walker, Bonnie Fordyce and Arlin McFarlane). Thank you to the Yukon Film Society and Andrew Connors for providing me with such a lovely studio to work out of and for your support. Thank you to Stephanie and Jeff for helping out with the project during the twelve-hour marathon broadcast on CJUC 92.5 FM - Whitehorse Community Radio. Thank you to Bill Polonsky at CJUC for your time, expertise and generosity and for also being willing to offer twelve hours of air time to experimental radio! Thank you to Eryn Foster and Barbara Lounder for teaching me that walking is a way to do research and create. Finally, thank you to everyone for your stories. I feel captivated by the deeper level of awareness and connection that I now feel to the Yukon and the river thanks to what you all shared.

Radio, like a river, is a through line, tying a community together. This project aims to explore that connection as well as understand the ways in which water carries our stories. This project has expanded my love for community radio and the river, and is already inspiring some new creative directions. I'm feeling very grateful.

Yukon Film Society I was one of the artists in residence at the Yukon Film Society's Jenni House for the month of June. There I worked on my Somewhere Over the Radio project as well as began developing graphic scores and musical/performance instructions for engaging with the Yukon River. It is my intention to create a small guide at some point that will house all of these ways to interact sonically with the river. 

Adäka Cultural Festival I presented my sound piece Drum Voices at the Adäka Cultural Festival in the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre's Boathouse, which houses a dug-out cedar canoe. More info about the canoe here.

Drum Voices is a sound piece that transports the drum to a place before time. By recording a single strike of a deer-hide frame drum and then using simple audio processing techniques, artist Lindsay Dobbin journeyed to the heart of a traditional drum to find a hidden choir that speaks to our origins. Both terrestrial and alien sounding, the voices have been arranged to unfold as a mantra – an eternal song of slow and rhythmic chanting – creating an evocative surround sound environment for deep listening. Drum Voices was created with the support of the Centre for Art Tapes Media Arts Scholarship Program and Arts Nova Scotia.