Since Broken Deer - Polaraura sold out in 2013, I've received numerous requests to do a reissue of the cassette wrapped in birch bark. With Spring on its way, it means sustainable birch bark harvesting time is almost here, too. So, with that, I've decided to do another run of this release, limited to 100. The recording will be on professionally dubbed, snowy white cassette and wrapped in Nova Scotia harvested birch bark, tied off with sinew. It also comes with an immediate digital download. 

I am now taking pre-orders until the end of March. I've already received a number of orders, so if you want one, be sure to get your order in soon! They will ship out mid-April or early May, soon after the birch bark harvest. Pre-order here: https://brokendeer.bandcamp.com/album/polaraura

Recorded on analogue tape recorders in a cabin outside Whitehorse, Yukon, Polaraura is a sonic journey of spiritual longing in a beautiful but undiscerning landscape. Featuring sounds of frozen rivers, wolves, snow, wind, forest spirits, owls and, even, northern lights, Polaraura takes the listener on a journey to another world - a forgotten wilderness - within themselves.

"Broken Deer’s winter lullabies bring back a lost dream. Visions of walks through frozen bogs and snowy forests play back in the form of vintage NFB footage. Gentle melodies thaw out slowly under the warmth of ancient light. Sparse piano notes loop to the textures of a natural orchestra. A tape machine records the accompanying soundtrack. Hissing winds and river streams carry the songs across the highlands to open ears." - Weird Canada