Now that Nocturne is complete, I wanted to take a few moments to thank the people that helped bring my project, Drum Voices, to life: Curator Rose Zack and the entire Nocturne team, Jaime MacLellan at HRM, Tom, Jesse, Kristy and Keith at the Centre for Art Tapes, Alex, Selene and Zeus at Little Foot Yurts, volunteers Sophie, Lizzy, Rachel, Catie and Eli, my CFAT Media Arts Scholarship mentors Andy, Lukas and Becka, as well as all the scholars. And a final thank you to those of you who made the long journey to the Dartmouth Commons to experience Drum Voices. I hope it was a reflective experience for many. Here's what the Herald had to say about it: 

The beauty in Nocturne is the one unexpected thing, the one moment of magic. For me, it was tramping all over downtown Dartmouth in the spooky dark to finally find Lindsay Dobbin’s Drum Voices, a glowing yurt on top of the highest hill of the Dartmouth Common. With primal soulful sounds and a view both across to the city lights and up to the open sky, it was a sublime experience. And, in fact, it was well-marked in a zigzagging goat trail of solar lights if you came at it the right way.

I helped Alex at Little Foot Yurts take the yurt down on Sunday, and we treated the poles with linseed oil before storing them away for the winter. I feel a resonance with this, as Drum Voices was my last project scheduled in a very busy, fulfilling past year in my creative life. I have no major production deadlines for the next number of months, which affords me the time and space to return to the necessary and fulfilling process of exploring, reflecting, gathering and playing easily in the deep. I look forward to sharing what emerges.