"Drumming the Tide" performance. Photo by Eli Gordon.

"Drumming the Tide" performance. Photo by Eli Gordon.

Last week was one of the most incredible weeks of my life. I was one of 16 artists-in-residence for the week-long White Rabbit Arts residency in Upper Economy, Nova Scotia. 

Throughout the week, I offered workshops in water drumming, as well as did a performance where I drummed in the tide. Documentation and more words to come regarding these. 

I went into the experience expecting to be creatively inspired by the landscape, as I'm most myself when in nature. And this remained true. 

What I didn't expect out of the experience though was the depth of vulnerability, wonder, laughter and space all of us rabbits shared together. In fact, I was so inspired by the community, that my creative work reoriented itself to involve the people as much as the land, with a deep sense of trust at the centre of it.

I felt so supported by the White Rabbit village and became deeply aware of the things I hold dear and long for in this life: community, nature, food, love, tenderness, play, animals, humour, the elements, ritual, care... Days have past since returning to Halifax, and the experience continues to echo inside of me, calling forth a more authentic vision for my life. It's difficult to articulate the profoundness of my time at Red Clay in words. But I will someday, I'm sure. Until then, look into my eyes, and you will see it -- an infinite amount of echoes that belong to the mystery, the ocean, the land, the people... 

I am eternally grateful for the experience.