Arrival  artwork by Elizabeth Johnson

Arrival artwork by Elizabeth Johnson

Arrival was released to the world this week via Phinery in Denmark, and consists of two long format sound pieces for deep listening: "Guided Memory / Residue" and "Arrival." This past Winter I temporarily lost some of my hearing, and these pieces reflect my journey in and then out of that transformational experience. As my auditory reality became more and more limited, my dream world and inner connection to mystery became rich. It felt like I was witnessing a dark, star-filled sky, with the earth and physicality fading, floating, no bearings. In this state, I had dream upon dream where I was listening to the voices and songs of my ancestors. Their voices spoke to me, supported me and told me stories I didn't remember forgetting. My experience with those patient, outside-of-time voices inspired these sound pieces that, with their subtle energy and vibration, dismantled and dissolved the hardness between this (out)side and the other (inside), and allowed me to return home.

You can order the Arrival tape here.

Thanks to Benjamin (Phinery) and Elizabeth (art) for their help in releasing these sounds to the world. Also thank you to my Arrivals village who supported me in embodying these sounds and bringing them to life.

I dedicate this release to a dear friend, Palmira Boutillier, who we lost last year.

Let's stay curious, open and take care of each other.