It's July. Almost the full moon. June has come and gone.

June was a happening month. Journeys played our first show at the Busstop Theatre. I DJ-ed a 50th birthday party. And Jesse and I offered the RHYTHM program to youth groups in Bedford and Halifax. 

Some photos from RHYTHM sessions in June. Painting songs on records. Recording sonic memories.

I also received some good news in June: I'll be participating in two residencies in August. From August 10 – 17, I will be a resident for the White Rabbit Open Air Arts Festival & Residency where I intend to explore the connection between drumming and environment. I was also selected to be one of five residents for Secret Theatre’s audio art residency at the end of August.

Following White Rabbit, I will be teaching an electronic music workshop and performing at the Rebel Girl Halifax Rock Camp. And I also hope to make it to the Tatamagouche Free School in the midst of all that.

To prepare for August, I've been drumming everyday and I can feel the daily ritual changing me. I also acquired new cymbals that sound like metallic waves crashing on the beach shore.

Finally, I've been updating my Tumblr, The Dreaming, and recently posted an interview with artist and musician Matteah Baim. I intend to continue posting original content, including interviews, as well as seeds of inspiration, wonder and curiosity created by others.