Arrival  (artwork by Elizabeth Johnson)

Arrival (artwork by Elizabeth Johnson)

Some positive reviews have been coming in regarding Arrival:

From Tiny Mix Tapes: "I am able to get a sense of the isolation and beauty of those moments mixed with the fear and unknown. It will never be mine, but that Dobbin allows this shared moment is more powerful than initially expected. Arrival gives me goosebumps. And makes me talk in circles."

From Silent Shout: "The immersive title track captures the experience of hearing gorgeous sounds from afar; the attack of each pitch becomes subsumed by the decay of its predecessor, evolving gently at glacial pace into a tapestry of harmonic resonances and overtones. Surrender your undivided attention to Arrival and it may be one of the most rewarding listening experiences you’ll have this year."

There are still some physical copies left, which you can order through Phinery in Denmark. Also, if you're in the Halifax area, I have a few copies as well.