"Dobbin articulated the magical and imperceptible changes that happen within both the natural world and our own bodies, a churning and ever-changing ambience that’s only partially within our knowable realms." – Jordan, Darville, Chart Attack

"Whether it is recording the sounds of our environment or territory of the mind, Lindsay captures a sense of spiritual space and allows anyone interested to journey aside her footsteps. With childlike wonder and alien wisdom, her music becomes the realization of knowing that we are never lost, but then again, we are never found." – Noah Klein, FMLY

"Field recordings, found sounds, rickety instrumentation, and sparse vocals are filtered through experimental recording techniques and grounded in a sense of curiosity that underscores the accumulation of thoughts, memories, and understanding of a place, be it concrete, remembered or imagined." – Tim Jones, Dawson City Music Festival


2015 Lindsay Dobbin – House (Cassette, Cascading Fragments)

2014 Lindsay Dobbin – Arrival (Cassette, Phinery)

2013 Broken Deer – Unseen World (Zine/Digital, Self-released)

2013 Broken Deer – Polaraura (Cassette, Self-released)

2010 Broken Deer – Songs for Imbolc (Cassette, Scotch Tapes)

2010 Broken Deer – Ancestral Blonde (Cassette, Scotch Tapes)

2009 Broken Deer – Our Small Going (CD, Gandhara Recordings)

2008 Lindsay Dobbin – Making Space for Miracles and other things too (CD-R/Zine, Divorce Records) with Tanya Busse (zine)

2006 Broken Deer – Displaced Field Recordings (CD, Self-released)


2017 Gift From God - Neptune Nonsense (Cassette/Digital, A New Landscape) – with Kira Daube

2014 Journeys - Soft Release (Cassette/Digital, Escape Tapes) – vocalist, drummer, keys with Evan Cardwell and Jesse Frank Matthews

2012 Broken Deer + Double Vision Quest  – Medicine Songs (CD-R, Self-released) – drummer/vocalist with Evan Cardwell

2012 Cymatics – Demo (CD-R, Self-released) – drummer with Andrew G. Smith

2010 Play Guitar – Shields and Don’t Worry About Death (LP/CD, Noyes Records/Youth Club Records/Coraille Recordings) – drummer with Christian Simmons and Kerri Landry

2009 Play Guitar – Cold Crystal Shield (Cassette, Campaign for Infinity) – drummer with Christian Simmons and Kerri Landry

2008 Play Guitar – You’re an Outline and Try Not to Lie (7”, Black Mountain Music) – drummer with Christian Simmons and Kerri Landry

2008 Allie T. Music – s/t (CD, Self-released) – drummer with Allie Torrance and Evan Cardwell

2006 Oh, Beautiful! Majestic! Eagle! – Terracoitus (Cassette, Radiator Collective) – drummer/vocalist/keyboardist with Shannon Webb-Campbell, Ashleigh Gaul and Laura Trethewey


2015 Lindsay Dobbin – Lost/Texture (Cassette/Zine Compilation, Phinery)