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Sound installation (2015)

Drum Voices is a sound piece that transports the drum to a place before time. By recording a single strike of a deer-hide hand drum and then using simple audio processing techniques, artist Lindsay Dobbin journeyed to the heart of a drum to find a hidden choir that speaks to our origins. Both terrestrial and alien sounding, the voices have been arranged to unfold as a mantra – an eternal song of slow and rhythmic chanting – creating an evocative surround sound environment for deep listening. 

It started with a single drum beat. The resonance of deer hide pulled taut around the circle, stretched across time so that each vibration opened another throat of the chorus. What is spoken, sung or sounded here? How do these tones communicate? How do we perceive them?
— Tarah Hogue, Response Attuning for VIVO Media Arts

Created through the CFAT Media Arts Scholarship Program and with the generous support of Arts Nova Scotia. Thank you to Carla Silver for mentoring me in building a drum, and to Andy Dowden for mentoring me in creating a sound piece. Drum Voices has been presented at the Centre for Art Tapes Media Arts Scholarship Screening and Nocturne 2015 in Halifax, NS, the Adäka Cultural Festival in Whitehorse, YT, VIVO Media Arts' thirstDays No. 12 Ooooszchhhhhht t shuffle klopp shshhhchglugluglushh in Vancouver, BC and Centre Clark in Montreal, QC.