Body Sail

Performance and sculpture (2015, Bay of Fundy, NS)

At the White Rabbit Arts Residency in 2014, I drummed in the tide. At the end of the six hour performance, I removed the white cape that I had been wearing, and watched it float off and away into the ocean. A few days after returning to the Bay of Fundy a year later, I was exploring the intertidal zone, collecting mud to dye paper. As I dug, I came across a piece of fabric. As I removed the mud from it, I realized it was the cape I had worn for Drumming the Tide. It spent a year in the ocean, and the sea gave it back to me.

I took it to the water to wash it off, and as the wind caught it, I knew it wanted to become a sail. I collected driftwood and spruce root to create a sail for my body, a new experience of wind.

This experience taught me that the ocean can provide me with everything I need, and that my practice is very much about presenting a question, a space, and then waiting to see what shows up on/in the water.

Body Sail photos by Rob Cameron. Drumming the Tide photo by Eli Gordon.